Letter from the organisers!

Thank you for taking this issue seriously

And thank you for reading about our plan. The funding issue is critically important for our schools and our education!

This is not organised by schools or head teachers - it comes from an idea by school students from Bognor Regis and Littlehampton who are organising it with lots of support from adults who have the skills and experience to make it happen - families, friends and others in our local community.

We love our schools and support our head teachers

Our aim is to help focus much more attention on their "WorthLess?" campaign for fairer funding. 


We are receiving no funding from schools, colleges, other education groups, or any political organisations. We do not want to be influenced by sponsors.

However we are happy to accept offers of items or services that help us to succeed. We will look for crowd funding to cover other costs. 

We will not be listing supporters on this website or anywhere else.